Taking fuel and cost management to the next level

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What We Covered In This Webinar

  • Who's presenting? 

Michael Charalambous, VP Commercial and Sabina Buzatu, Product Manager at FuelPlus Group.

  • Why should watch this recording? 

To learn how you can drive efficiencies, streamline operations and reduce your costs.

  • What's it all about? 

A next-generation fuel and cost management SaaS solution. More powerful, more flexible and more intelligent. Full details below.

Meet your host

"FuelPlus cloud is our new platform and the centrepiece of our philosophy to take cost savings to the next level. At the heart of our philosophy is even more automation, UX designed for the newer generation, improved integration, killer analytics and machine learning and the enablement of XML technology and standards to make eTender a reality."

Michael Charalambous, VP Commercial

During this webinar, we covered:

  • A next-generation solution for the industry. A fuel and cost management SaaS solution which is more powerful, more flexible and more intelligent.

  • The benefits of having a single source of real-time data for all flight-related expenditure. Fuel, airport and navigation.

  • A demonstration of our new SaaS solution. Including a powerful new analytics and reporting platform, as well as automated tendering, ticket and invoice collection capabilities.

  • Conclusions and questions from the audience. A final summary including next steps. Any remaining time on the webinar we will leave open for audience questions.