FuelPlus Analytics: Get the right data, right now.


Webinar Details:

  • How long is it?

Run time is 45 minutes

  • Why should I watch this?

To find out how FuelPlus Analytics can help you gain intelligence from your fuel and cost data, so you can make better decisions and improve your airline’s performance.

  • What's it all about? 

A powerful new business intelligence tool: FuelPlus Analytics. It analyzes large volumes of data and translates it into clear insights, which help you make improvements and reduce risks. Full details below.

Meet your host

"FuelPlus Analytics is an extremely powerful analytics platform that makes it easy for all commercial airline teams (even non-technical ones) to effortlessly uncover game-changing business insights. Bespoke dashboards, interactive visualizations, and robust analytical capabilities enable you to go from questions to insights easily."

Michael Charalambous, VP Commercial

Covered In This Webinar:

  • The key benefits of FuelPlus Analytics: Monitor the performance of your airline against its most important KPIs with ease.

  • A demonstration of its key features including creating your own dashboards and business intelligence reports, setting up custom alerts, and using its ‘machine learning’ capabilities to highlight potential problems for the business.

  • A final summary and questions from you, the audience. We will outline next steps and additional upcoming webinars. Any remaining time we will leave open for audience questions.